Top Selling Toys For Girls

top selling toys for girls

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Fairy Tail Bird Collection - Complete

Fairy Tail Bird Collection - Complete

Here you can see my complete collection of FAIRY TAIL BIRDS from Hasbro.

They are sooo cute! ¦
As I love birds so much they were a must-have for me!

Some day I will take pictures of each bird seperatly.

Fairy Tail Birds was produced by Hasbro and are called "My little Pony birds" sometimes but they were a completly different playline.

They were available in 1986 / 1987.

You can see their home, called "Sunshine Gazebo" at the left with some birds I have twice.
I got the Sunshine Gazebo NRFB.

On top of the class cupboard you can see two Egg-Salons (called "Curly-Q-Boutique").
I have two because I first got one very old and damaged an not complete and later I was lucky to get a second NRFB.
There are three "Tiffany Tails" are sitting on them.

All birds came with a stand, a comb and a ribbon when they were new.

There are:
6 Fuzzy Tummies
6 Fuzzy Tummies UK Variation
6 Tropical Birds
6 Baby Flyers
6 Fan Tails
8 Jewellery Birds (Teeny Tiny Birds)


1 Love Bird Pair with heart-stand
1 Curly-Q-Boutique
1 Sunshine Gazebo

In the class cupboard there is one shelf for the
The Fuzzy Tummies are cute birds with fake fur on her chest and the couple is a bride and a groom sitting on a bis heard-shaped stand.

Next shelf is showing my
The Fan Tails are birds with a cute shimmering fan in their tail.

The Fan Tail babys (Baby Flyers) have small stands to sit on and each has it?s own toy: rattle, bite-ring, baby bottle...two of them I gave a little duck pull-toy from My little pony.
Each of the babies came with a plastic egg to put it in and carry with you. ;-)

In front there are some birds from Lady Lovely Locks: the pixie-tail birds.

Next shelf is showing all ORIGINAL FAIRY TAILS.
They have symbols like it is known from My little Pony.
I have a second hear-shaped stand there = you can see there a "normal" "Tulip Tails" and next to him again a "Tulip Tails" but Hasbro forgot to put the symbol on her chest!

Next shelf is showing the TROPICAL FAIRY TAILS and the JEWELLERY BIRDS (TEENY TINY BIRDS) and some birds I have twice (with cut hair etc.).

The Tropical Birds have symbols but they have differen stands (palm tree stands) and they are wearing fruit on there heads and/or have tropical colors.

The Teeny Tiny Birds were sold as jewelry for little girls. You could put them on rings or chains to have them with you. So each of it came with such accessoiries.

I got some Fairy Tail Birds NRFB: they came with ribbons to style the hair and each with a bird-shaped comb.

Last shelf is showing some other 80?s toys like:
- Glo Friends from Playskool
- Keypers from Tonka
- a Golden Girl from Galoob
- My little pony?s from Hasbro
- ...

I will take seperate pictures some day.

"Welcome to my parlor, little girl!" window

"Welcome to my parlor, little girl!" window

***Looks best on black: press the “L” key on your keyboard to see this photo on a black background*** This has always been one of my truly favorite windows, as the design was inspired by a sketch (drawn and given to me for that purpose) by a dear friend for nearly 35 years, Judhe Jensen, a truly incredible artist. Since 1978, Judhe has been an award winning artist at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, where she runs her artist’s booth called, “Wizard’s Toys Pottery.” For decades, she has sculpted and made some of the most creative, original, and fascinating pottery dragons that you will ever see, anywhere in the world! In 1979, I first started helping Judhe with running her booth. By 1982, the Festival had allowed me to become a partner in the booth, and I began displaying/selling stained glass windows there, at least through 1989. After that, in 1990, my Early Music quintet called, “The Castle & Cross Consort,” of which I am one of the original members, began performing regularly at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival through 2004, and I stopped displaying any stained glass at the Festival. The title of the window, “Welcome to my parlor, little girl!” suggests a rather lascivious (or maybe just hungry) dragon beckoning to an unwary passerby from his castle window. The three colors in the dragon’s eye (the white, red iris, & yellow pupil) are all done on a single piece of “red on clear” flash glass. This glass is made (at the factory) by adding a very very very thin layer of rich red glass on top of a piece of regular clear glass. To get the three colors, I sandblasted the red layer off of the areas that would become the “white” and the pupil, which left the red layer only on the eye’s iris. Then I fired silver stain onto the pupil area only, which changes that exposed clear glass to a golden yellow. One very unique feature of the window--the stone in the dragon’s finger ring is an actual cabochon-cut garnet gemstone, leaded in, and not just a piece of colored glass!

top selling toys for girls

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